About Us

Rachael Lane is a Jamaican company founded by the mother-daughter duo of Charmaine and Jo-Ann Morris. The diversity in their ages is used at an advantage to curate handmade aromatic and cosmetic products for professionals who appreciate the importance of ‘me-time’ to relax and rejuvenate. Charmaine always had a love for all things handmade and decided to experiment with soap making. Before long she began gifting these soaps to friends and family. Around the same time, Jo-Ann, a lover of all things fragrance began experimenting with blending fragrance oils and creating her own candles. These two hobbies, turned passion, soon turned into a leap of faith when Jo-Ann lost her job to redundancy in 2019.Now, mother and daughter enjoys creating products for discerning women and men who lead an active, exciting and involved lifestyle embracing family, friends, work, exercise and social activities. Rachael Lane collaborates with Jamaican artisans to create products that are uniquely Jamaican and synonymous of brand Jamaica. The products are handcrafted and include refillable soy way candles in ceramic containers made by a Jamaican potter, soaps, body scrubs, face mask, body butter and many more. Collections are created for gifts, wedding and anniversary souvenirs, baby shower, birthday celebrations and for corporate gifting. Rachael Lane products are sold locally and internationally. Rachael Lane is your pathway to beauty. Come walk with us!