Fresh Start Bundle

Fresh Start Bundle


Morning routines just got better. The fresh start bundle have the essentials of a refreshing morning shower. Bundle includes: 3 oz Alive Shower Steamer (Alive) 8 oz Citrus Burst body wash 4 oz Morning Burst Room Spray Gift packaging optional




About Our Shower Steamers

Your shower is a safe space. Use shower steamers to truly transform your shower. The alive shower steamer is an invigorating blend of Spearmint essential oil and menthol crystals which will help reduce nasal congestion, enhance mood and concentration.


Shower Steamer

Citrus Burst Body Wash

Energize your body and senses with the invigorating Citrus Burst body wash. Scented with of citrus and ginger. Burt’s Bees® Body Wash features a natural plant-based cleansing complex that leaves skin feeling healthy and clean, and provides enough lather to shave even the most sensitive areas without irritation.

Citrus Burst





Morning Burst Room Spray

Our room sprays are made with essential oils and are perfect for refreshing your space. Citrus Burst delivers a burst of energy with an energising blend of lemon and spearmint essential oils.